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Curbside Recycling

Butler County municipal residents that live in Fairfield, Hamilton, Middletown, Monroe, Oxford, Trenton and Ross Twp. have curbside recycling included with their trash removal service. Oxford and Reily Townships have curbside recycling available as part of their trash removal, but they must sign up directly with Rumpke to schedule recycling service. 

If you need a recycling bin, please contact your city's public works department or Rumpke. Residents in the following townships Fairfield, Hanover, Liberty, Morgan, Reily, St. Clair and West Chester should contact their waste hauler directly to request curbside recycling service and a recycling bin. Residents should contact Rumpke at toll free  (1-800) 828-8171 or Republic Services (513) 771-4200 to request curbside recycling. 
City residents and Ross Twp. residents should use the following resource no's:

  • Hamilton: Hamilton Transfer Station—(513) 867-8661
  • Fairfield—(513) 867-4200
  • Middletown—(513) 425-7766
  • Monroe: Monroe Utilities—(513) 779-4729, extension 3012
  • Oxford—(513) 524-5221
  • Ross - (800) 582-3107
  • Trenton—(513) 988-6305, extension 164

    At this time, curbside recycling pick up is NOT available in Lemon, Madison, Milford, St. Clair and Wayne Townships. We encourage residents to use one of 26 recycling drop box stations located througout the county for their recycling needs.

    KNOW BEFORE YOU THROW - 5 Tips to make your recycling count!

    1.  Put items in your recyling container loose - No plastic bags!
    DO NOT place material inside plastic bags.  DO NOT place empty plastic bags in your recycling.  Plastic bags aren't accepted in recycling programs, but you can take them back to many area grocery/retail stores.

    2.  Avoid "tanglers"
    Items like clothing, bed sheets, garden hoses, chains, ropes, dog leashes and Christmas lights should not be placed in your recycling.  These "tanglers" wrap around the automated sorting equipment and cause damage. 

    3.  Look at our list, not the label. 
    Most packging has a recycling symbol; however, not all matrial can be recycled in Southwest Ohio.  Check locally with Rumpke and your Solid Waste District before placing items in your recycling.

    4.  Plastic Bottles and Jugs - and TUBS (new in 2021)  
    Rumpke now accepts plastic bottles and jugs and tubs.  Tubs are yogurt cups, cottage cheese tubs, margarine and butter tubs.  You can reattach the lids to your bottles, tubs and jugs. Please remove liquids and other contents prior to placing them in your recycling bin/cart. 

    5.  Cans CAN be recycled.
    When it comes to metal and aluminum, place only food and beverage cans in your recycling container.  While other types of metals can be recycled, you should take those non-can items directly to a specialized metal recycler, such as Cohen.

    It's important to only recycle items accepted by Rumpke.  Putting the wrong material into your recycling bin can cause big problems such as; damaging machines, creating hazards for employees and causing contamination which could prevent materials in the bin from being recycled. 

Butler County Recycling & Solid Waste District 
130 High Street, Hamilton OH 45011
(513) 887-3653

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